About us

GARDENA company was founded in 1990. The company head and owner is Włodzimierz Lupa M.Sc. a graduate of Horticulture from Krakow University of Agriculture, and holds the Inter-University Postgraduate qualification in Landscape Architecture. He has a number of other professional qualifications:

  • Permissions Appraisers No. 1000-03 Association of Engineers and Technicians of Horticulture Federation of Engineering Associations
  • Permissions Appraisers No 769/06 of the Association of Engineers and Technicians Board of Agriculture
  • Management of Landscape Architecture II degree SITO/NOT and RIS/NOT
  • Member of the Polish Association of Tree Surgeons
  • Ornamental Trees Pruning II degree NOT
  • Inspector of works in urban green areas III degree SITO/NOT
  • Expert employed by the District Court in Nowy Sącz for horticulture and landscape architecture
  • Lecturer in the design, construction and furnishing of green areas at the Boguchwała training centre for instructors and staff. Received a letter of praise for Best Teacher from Association of Scientific and Technical Engineers and Technicians of Horticulture in Rzeszów

GARDENA offer a comprehensive and wide range of services related to the establishment of green areas. Our services include:

  • inventories of green areas
  • assessment of existing green economy
  • inventories of natural areas
  • natural and environmental expertise
  • environmental reports
  • BREEAM environmental assessment
  • analysis of the age of trees
  • execution of technical projects for green areas
  • design and installation of irrigation systems
  • felling trees and cutting or grubbing stumps
  • tree surgery, cutting care, protection of trees for investments
  • comprehensive implementation of green areas
  • strengthening of embankments and ditches
  • lawn production using the hydro-seed method
  • performance of reservoirs
  • reclamation of land
  • implementation of green roofs (extensive and intensive)
  • transplanting large trees
  • care of green areas
  • interior decoration plants
  • counseling in the field of plant protection products

The company employs over 100 employees in Krakow, Warsaw, Lodz, Poznan, and many other smaller offices are created specifically for projects throughout the country.
The company employs a highly qualified team of staff. We always specify the most appropriate materials and modern hardware tools to deliver even the most difficult of tasks. We can specify own vehicles such as dump trucks, refrigerated delivery vans to transport plant, backhole loaders, excavators, tractors, compact miling machine, hedge trimmers, law mowers and meny more types.
Working with the finest Nurseries we offer the best quality plant materials in a container or from the ground whit the possibility of use at leater date by using high capacity stores.
We are experts in the design and construction of green roofs. We also offer ready-roll sod lawns, modern fertilizer  and products to increase the moisture in the soil.